The objectives:

- General objective: “To build an Inspectorate sector that is ethical, consolidated, step-by-step professionalized, modern, and capable of effectively implementing the missions assigned by Party and Government in terms of inspection, complaint and denunciation handling, and anti-corruption tasks”

- Specific objectives:

+ Objective 1: To strengthen the professionalism of inspection activities through standardization of inspection procedures, provision of specialized guidance, and division of responsibilities and management decentralization so that the sector becomes the driving force for improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability of state management agencies.

+ Objective 2: To strengthen the role of the inspectorate sector in handling complaints and denunciations with emphasis on inspection of accountability, reform of the citizen reception models through procedure simplification, legal and policy improvements, and procedural standardization with due consideration of the different factors between rural and urban areas.

+ Objective 3: To strengthen the efficiency of inspection activities in preventing, detecting, and handling corruption by setting up specialized units and developing a risk warning system.

+ Objective 4: To reform personnel management with the aim of attracting highly qualified applicants and mitigating rotation risks in personnel.

+ Objective 5: To improve research and training to support Objectives 1 to 4.

+ Objective 6: To strengthen coordination between inspectorate units and other reviewing, auditing, investigating, and prosecution agencies.

+ Objective 7: To strengthen the relationship between the inspectorate sector and the public in a open and transparent manner

+ Objective 8: To apply information technology to support Objectives 1 to 7.

+ Objective  9: To build capacity for result-based monitoring in order to assess the impact of Objectives 1 to 8

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